Friday, December 23, 2011

deck the halls


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

The tree is sparkly and decorated

The halls are decked

Anything that stay still long enough has some kind of decoration -party hat anyone?

 Lights and red noses are perched and hung everywhere

Santa's letter has been written and posted, we got a reply!!! he really is coming :-) 

stockings are hung

All there is left to do is to enjoy 


Happy Christmas everyone!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Illustration Friday - Round

Round,  like a big O - for Ostrich, tenuous link? Perhaps, but indulge me!! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whoop for Winter Shows!!

|Just a quick post about a couple of shows I'm doing this December 

The first is a group exhibition in Carlow - it's with the Blueprint Art Group and has some really great artists involved. I'm really excited about this - opening is on Friday the 9th of December and runs till the 11th. Do please come if you're in the area!! 

Also the Jordan gals are having their Open Studio once more - it's on in chez Clare so pm me at info(@) for directions. Friday the 9th and Sat the 10th of December - gifts to suit all and you are guaranteed to come home with some extra sparkle in your day(if not from the shopping, from Clare's studio - it's always awash with glitter :-) ) 

Oh and here's a little something to whet your appetite for the group show - some details from my entry, called 'before the rain' 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

meet Gloria!

It's been a while!

I've been to London, not to see the queen but to show at Country Living Gift Show in Islington. It was great - loads of beautiful stands, lovely support from buyers and sellers alike. Too tired to speak when I got home - immense road trip!! 

So since I've been home I've been chilling with herself and himself, catching up with the new cat, old cat and dog and generally relaxing. 

I've made myself an awesome christmas tree angel though - I'm beginning to get in the spirit of things (finally you may say!) I adore her - her name is Gloria and she's proper lush - hand-stitchd and made from silk fibers, silk dress, vintage buttons, antique sequins, glass glitter, found and previously unloved zips and bits, god I can't wait to get her up onto the tree!! 

Let me know what you think of her!! Still time to get your own for your tree!!

 e-mail me at info  (@)  - prices start from €110!!! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Illustration Friday - Stripes

Today's topic is stripes - I ADORE stripes - have image after image that I could have used for this but I decided to do a new one. 

So this is my new stripe- using a series of scans from my new art pin collection.

I love this - how great a fabric would this be? Too much fun - way too much fun when deadlines are looming and Real work needs to get done. Anyho's - thanks for looking :-) 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn Light

I wanted to share a quick couple of pics I took the other day - the light was the great autumn light I keep going on about, I truly adore it - it just coats everything in soft yellowed goodness. 

I got to hang out with the cat for a bit - it's been a while, she's a bit wild but loves a bit of company and a play. 

I've no idea of the names of any of the flowers in our garden, it's my dream that some day I'll be a competent gardener and not just buy 'shake and rake' seed sets (seriously - that was the name on the pack!) Veggies I understand, flowers I do not. It's on my list, along with seeing the northern lights, sailing the high seas, joining the circus and learning to play piano, violin, guitar and double bass. 

In the meantime I hope to be offering some items for sale this week through my newletter so do sign up (link in column on right!) if you want in on it. I'm offering some great discounts and free shipping on some items! Till next time x

Friday, October 28, 2011

Artist Trading Cards

I'd never heard of these until recently but I've participated in a swap with a fabulous bunch of inspirational artists recently

The theme was flying and here are my three for the swap - I can't wait to get mine back in the post :-) 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

IF - Fuel

Illustration Friday time again - last minute... again. This weeks theme is fuel.

 I automatically think trees and this is my fav pic of a tree - this is quite large and hangs over our fire place. It's an oldie but a definite favorite in our house. 

Its roots are full of love - and it's from all this I think we get our fuel to grow. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Angels - who can have enough?

I love angels, I love their beauty, their grace, their power. I love that their are non-denominational, non discriminatory, non judgmental. 

I've worked with the angel motif for years, picking it up and dropping it - I've always come back to it and always feel comfortable and at home with it. 

So this is one of my latest - I've been calling her Catherine.

I think I'm in love.

More to come! :-) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

We've all gone Duck and OWL mad! :-)

It feels like I've been away for ages, not posting anything on here, buried under mountains of wadding, thread, felt and printed fabrics 

There is an end to the fabric mountain, it's slowly showing itself allowing me to breath again and savour a moment of quiet satisfaction. It's a satisfaction in beginning to get a handle on all that's been happening -  new mama, new business, new home, new life really - it's beginning to find it's natural rhythm. It feels great! 

So here's a few of my new products

These are so cute in real life with digitally printed fabric designed by moi, there are my babies!! Available for girls and boys they are weighted and stuffed they stand on their own, 
They are also quite large - owls 25 cm and ducks 35cm. I've never made stuffed dolls like this before so it was certainty a learning curve but great fun and so nice to see them in all their glory! 

I've also been playing with prints of my paintings - I think these are turning out really great, affordable and adorable - check this one out in it's funky frame! 
I'll be selling these either with or without the frame at Country Living Fair and also at our open studio.. love love love these :-) 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My View today

My studio today! 

After what seems like an age product is finally beginning to come together. Today I've been mainly putting together these super dooper cute original art pins - each is hand painted and embellished with sequins for some added omphh :-) 

Each is it's own character - we've got arty farty, fashionista, funny guy, flyer, dreamer and more. Can't wait to get them packaged and proper shots taken. I think you'll be as smitten as I am with them! 

I've also gotten some of my door stop doll /  art doll  collection ready to go. I've got so many more designs I want to play with. 

I love the way the digital prints turned out and can't wait to get proper pics taken. Herself very kindly gave me her room to take some pics in and the play door stop didn't make it back out - it just looked too darn cute in there. 

Girl duck and owls to follow... three sizes too - you should see the cuteness of the tinsy small ones. ;-) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

BEst Laid Plans

I was talking about picking blackberries, making pies, getting into the autumn spirit, chilling in front of the fire, drinking hot whiskey, planning the garden for spring, crafting christmas presents, making halloween costumes etc. So many plans! So many good intentions.  

Myself and herself had a lovely walk, picked loads of blackberries, ate even more, had stained fingers and mouths, came home, washed them and was ready to go 

Then things got busy, herself got some new teeth and we got no sleep, deadlines took precedent over relaxing.  I found our little bag yesterday - the blackberries had gone moldy

Today I learned... you can't do it all 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brave Girls Club

Huge thanks to The Brave Girls Club who featured my little birdie in their daily e-mails
- chuffed I am :-)

I love their daily truths and urge to sign up if you haven't already - a truly beautiful way to start your day. 

In other news, my eyes are almost crossed from all the time I've been spending on the computer doing up new fabric designs - they're totally fabulous and can't wait to get them printed and made into beautiful dolls and soft toys :-) I am looking forward to getting back to some old school painting tomorrow though - there's just nothing like it. 

My exhibition is nearly over - Thanks so much to all who made it in to see it and thank you for all your fab comments and well wishes. It's such a great feeling to get your work out of the studio and into a public space for all to enjoy. Thank you! xx

Friday, September 23, 2011

Illustration Friday - Ferocious

Even the ferocious owl with blood on her claws didn't leave the nest without her crown. 
Pencil, pan and ink. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love Every Day!

It's all hustle and bustle here in the countryside at the moment! I'm in my studio putting together a product line, the last of the veggies are being saved and stored, the last of the pickles and preserves are being made and there's even talk of some apple cider!!!

It's Autumn, getting colder and the days are getting shorter and the harvest is just about over. There's a super felling of freshness in the air - I adore this time of year, there's so much to look forward to: low lying sun and stunning light, open fires, seed catalogues, wooly socks, red cheeks and guilt free lounging. I'm so busy in the studio I can't even tell you - my new line of products are so close to launch I can taste it!

Be sure to sign up to my newsletter for fist dibs on purchase! I'll be sending our details early October so be sure not to miss out! In the mean time have a peek of work in progress! 

Here's a sneak peek at some lovely fabrics that arrived yesterday - still waiting to be cut up. 

And here's a sneak peek at a prototype doll I've been working on - am totally loving these! 

I'm still hoping to get out and pick some blackberries and make an autumn pie, it has become a tradition now I think - will post when I do. And I might even share my secret recipe! ;-) 

In the mean time I'm trying in the midst of the chaos and business to Love Every Day, savour the small stuff, enjoy the giggles, taste the air, breath deep and take small steps. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Illustration Friday: Boundaries

Here's my entry for this weeks topic - Boundaries

What are your boundaries? Do you push them?
 Pencil, pen and ink with glitter target on watercolor paper. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

My View today - Day & Night

Windy and blustery today and my studio desk was way too tossed to take a picture 
so I took a view of  the window instead. Ship print I made for a nautical theme hen night, and then framed because it was just too pretty, a broken clock which the lady in the shop promised would work - it doesn't  (though it was in Austria and my German is very rusty - she could have been saying anything), my love doll experiment, and then of course the hills and sheep in the background. Oh and the village pump - no longer working but painted in the local GAA team colours! A great view 

Then tonight is was even more stunning - fantastic sunset, so glad I didn't miss this show - super! 

Been busy designing fabrics and doing 'product development' all day - can't WAIT to share what's in the pipeline - it's just so God damn pretty!! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Inspiration Avenue - Patterns!

As a textile gal how could I resist this challenge!! Love pattern, love repeats, love this challenge!

Illustration Friday - Mysterious

Here's my last minute entry for this weeks illustration Friday
Mysterious Marching Band doodle

Thursday, September 8, 2011

lovely little opening

Super late with this post - it's been one of those weeks of tail chasing and backward peddling!

 A huge big shout out to all who turned out for our lovely little opening at Meubles, on Friday night! There was a lot of love in the room, and it was great to share my work with new people and all who've helped get the collection together (LOVE my family!) 

We had some beautiful wine, great catch ups and chin wags, lovely nibbles and a few nice sales :-) 

Got to catch up with Úna from Charles Newhaven - beautiful interiors shop in Castledermot and also Wallpaper Emporium, Kilkenny (that girl is busy!) Super impressed with her work and love the wallpapers they carry in the shop - I may just need to change a room or two in my house... hmmmm 

As always it was fab to see Mary and her mam who drove down from Offaly (Lynn arrived complete with her art handlers gloves and coat - love that lady!)  both are such talented artists it was so affirming to get such positive feedback from them both - thank you!

 I did however loose some of the crowd to the sofa section in Meubles though - my sister Clare has picked out a new sofa to go with her Siobhan Jordan original she has hanging in her living room - I'm totally with that kind of accessorizing! 

I've done quite a bit of promo for this show and it's surreal to see press articles about yourself - I also had my first radio interview this week - n.e.r.v.e.r.a.c.k.i.n.g.!!!!   Sooooo I'm actually doing this for real and making it into my full time job - nothing to fall back on this - this is it!! 
eek scary, yet hugely exciting stuff!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Feature! - Subscribe to newsletter

Ohh - just a reminder - I've added a new feature to my blog - Subscribe to my monthly newsletter by clicking on the link in the right side bar. I'll be sending out monthly newsletters with updates on exhibitions, new works, sales etc.

There are loads of very exciting works and happenings in the pipe line so be sure to sign up, tell your friends and be the first to know!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to my opening last Friday night - full blog post about this to follow. I was delighted with how it all turned out and all the positive vibes and love there was in the air :-) More anon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sneak Peak!

There's a real autumn air around at the moment - heating oil has been delivered, wood burning stoves are being set up, chutneys and preserves are being made with the last of the harvest and we're bracing ourselves for another cold winter! I love it - the low sun and it's special light, unique to Ireland. I've so much planned for the Winter, but first....'s a quick sneak peak of a new piece for the show in Meubles Kilkenny! Am loving these - have two ready to roll and hoping to get a few more done in time :-) Only a few days to go eek!  Don't forget the opening reception is at 6pm - (Wine from the Wine Centre, Kilkenny - Thank You!) Exhibition runs for the month of September.

I've added a button on the right sidebar so you can sign up to my monthly newsletter - lots of news in the pipeline so be sure to sign up if you want first dibs on all the happenings! Sales, new work, exhibitions, shows, etc. So much going on you won't want to miss out! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exhibition for September!

I've been offered an exhibition for the month of September at the beautiful Meubles Cafe in Kilkenny! I'm very excited about this as they stock great furniture, have funky wallpaper AND lovely coffee! Ohh lala!

I'm excited about sharing some of my new work, making new and lovely connections and offering it all up to be viewed and enjoyed At the mo I'm up to my eyes in frames, press releases (God I hate doing that!) invites and paint (last!) IT's a busy time but great - it's all affirming and positive

Thank you to all who've liked my likey page on Facebook - In case you haven't yet the url is -

Oh and I nearly forgot! - Exhibition runs from 1st SEpt - 30th Sept 2011 - Meubles Cafe, Kilkenny, Ireland - link to their site with contact details here

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I heart notebooks!!

In 2009 I treated myself to a concertina notebook, and challenged myself to fill it. Each page spilled onto the next so no picture actually finished and none started.

I found at the time that I couldn't work with colour - i wanted to concentrate on line, concept and focus on draftsmanship, so I limited myself to graphite, pen and ink. I completed it and the entire notebook stretched to around 12ft long. I always wanted to do the other side in a coloured story - it may be my next project!

Inside this notebook was one of the first drawings I did of my lady - Inspired by a good friends heartache..... she turned out to be a keeper!! Below is a larger piece based on the drawing.