Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My View today

My studio today! 

After what seems like an age product is finally beginning to come together. Today I've been mainly putting together these super dooper cute original art pins - each is hand painted and embellished with sequins for some added omphh :-) 

Each is it's own character - we've got arty farty, fashionista, funny guy, flyer, dreamer and more. Can't wait to get them packaged and proper shots taken. I think you'll be as smitten as I am with them! 

I've also gotten some of my door stop doll /  art doll  collection ready to go. I've got so many more designs I want to play with. 

I love the way the digital prints turned out and can't wait to get proper pics taken. Herself very kindly gave me her room to take some pics in and the play door stop didn't make it back out - it just looked too darn cute in there. 

Girl duck and owls to follow... three sizes too - you should see the cuteness of the tinsy small ones. ;-) 


  1. Oh adorable! Can't wait to see close-ups of your pins;D

  2. I am enjoying your doorstop doll collection. Very charming and sweet and so unique.


  3. My goodness, you are an art making machine! I love the pins so much. I'm fixing to have to make some long distance purchases!

  4. not really lori - shipping wouldn't be bad on those I'd imagine!! Thanks for your support ;-)

  5. Those pins look fantastic! So fun seeing them all in a big cluster. I really like the idea of making a whole lot of little somethings that are all an iteration on a theme. Sounds like fun!