Monday, May 23, 2011

yay found a home for this one x

This very pretty little picture will be gracing the walls of a very lucky little girl soon Love it when a much loved picture goes to a good home xx

new notebook drawing

Some new work coming from the studio these days

A page from my notebook -I try to draw or write something every day, some days it's a full detailed worked out drawing, others it's a shopping or to do list. This day it was a cute little roe dear - shy and bashful
Love bambi, love patterns, love fine lines.......

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Work Station

I've finally got a room to work in!!Our guests will have to sleep on the ground.... but we do provide a breakfast and lots of fun!!!

I've posted up my new mantra on the wall so that I can't hide from it. It takes time to serttle into a new studio but this is working really well so far Yeah!!!

Prospects are Good

yeah - I got a new keyboard! It's been busy on the homestead with the pollytunnel going up and lots and lots of planting being done. We've gotten most of the veg down and are now busy fighting the rooks and magpies!
Here's a pic of the tunnel before the plastic went on - with Rosie of course!