Friday, May 4, 2012

My View today


Night flying

Fridays are my studio work days - I try to be disciplined and not get side tracked with too much computer / admin work but here's  a quick post to share what's on the agenda for today! 

1. finish the picture above
2. Order mounts
3. Work into more pictures I have on the go (deadlines are FAST approaching!) 
4. Go for a walk
5. make more necklaces 
6. Play with some ideas for soft sculpture

Busy day ahead - here's hoping three of my jobs get ticked off! 

Happy Friday everyone x

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***update on my days productivity! Didn't get through as much as i'd hoped! Got to order the mounts, work into another picture I have on the go, finished the owl pictured above (hope I didn't ruin him!) updated my facebook page and did lots of filing on my computer (I may actually find stuff now!) All and all not a bad day - going to enjoy a glass of vino now :-) Happy Friday x****