Sunday, October 23, 2011

We've all gone Duck and OWL mad! :-)

It feels like I've been away for ages, not posting anything on here, buried under mountains of wadding, thread, felt and printed fabrics 

There is an end to the fabric mountain, it's slowly showing itself allowing me to breath again and savour a moment of quiet satisfaction. It's a satisfaction in beginning to get a handle on all that's been happening -  new mama, new business, new home, new life really - it's beginning to find it's natural rhythm. It feels great! 

So here's a few of my new products

These are so cute in real life with digitally printed fabric designed by moi, there are my babies!! Available for girls and boys they are weighted and stuffed they stand on their own, 
They are also quite large - owls 25 cm and ducks 35cm. I've never made stuffed dolls like this before so it was certainty a learning curve but great fun and so nice to see them in all their glory! 

I've also been playing with prints of my paintings - I think these are turning out really great, affordable and adorable - check this one out in it's funky frame! 
I'll be selling these either with or without the frame at Country Living Fair and also at our open studio.. love love love these :-) 


  1. I am loving visiting your blog and really love the framed print... the frame is just perfect and sets off the work. I love what a good frame does to a print. xx

  2. They are so cute and that framed print is so funky! Well done.

  3. Cute owl and duck dolls! Your print looks lovely, and that frame was a great choice :)

  4. Beautiful blog! Loving those ducks and owls!!

  5. Lovely print - that frame sets it off beautifully. And your owls and ducks are adorable!

  6. Had a peek at your website and your mixed media pieces are terrific! What do you mean you don't like running "up" hills? lol Visiting from IA.

  7. thanks you all so much - it's great to get feedback on here :-)