Monday, September 12, 2011

My View today - Day & Night

Windy and blustery today and my studio desk was way too tossed to take a picture 
so I took a view of  the window instead. Ship print I made for a nautical theme hen night, and then framed because it was just too pretty, a broken clock which the lady in the shop promised would work - it doesn't  (though it was in Austria and my German is very rusty - she could have been saying anything), my love doll experiment, and then of course the hills and sheep in the background. Oh and the village pump - no longer working but painted in the local GAA team colours! A great view 

Then tonight is was even more stunning - fantastic sunset, so glad I didn't miss this show - super! 

Been busy designing fabrics and doing 'product development' all day - can't WAIT to share what's in the pipeline - it's just so God damn pretty!! 


  1. I LOVE the Love Doll! I'm seriously going to go broke with this group.

    Wouldn't let me comment in Google.