Thursday, September 8, 2011

lovely little opening

Super late with this post - it's been one of those weeks of tail chasing and backward peddling!

 A huge big shout out to all who turned out for our lovely little opening at Meubles, on Friday night! There was a lot of love in the room, and it was great to share my work with new people and all who've helped get the collection together (LOVE my family!) 

We had some beautiful wine, great catch ups and chin wags, lovely nibbles and a few nice sales :-) 

Got to catch up with Úna from Charles Newhaven - beautiful interiors shop in Castledermot and also Wallpaper Emporium, Kilkenny (that girl is busy!) Super impressed with her work and love the wallpapers they carry in the shop - I may just need to change a room or two in my house... hmmmm 

As always it was fab to see Mary and her mam who drove down from Offaly (Lynn arrived complete with her art handlers gloves and coat - love that lady!)  both are such talented artists it was so affirming to get such positive feedback from them both - thank you!

 I did however loose some of the crowd to the sofa section in Meubles though - my sister Clare has picked out a new sofa to go with her Siobhan Jordan original she has hanging in her living room - I'm totally with that kind of accessorizing! 

I've done quite a bit of promo for this show and it's surreal to see press articles about yourself - I also had my first radio interview this week - n.e.r.v.e.r.a.c.k.i.n.g.!!!!   Sooooo I'm actually doing this for real and making it into my full time job - nothing to fall back on this - this is it!! 
eek scary, yet hugely exciting stuff!!


  1. Siobhan, you're work looks fabulous hung and on display, congratulations on your exhibition opening, a wonderful achievement & you should be very proud. You work has a lot of warmth and soul and I love reading your blog posts. Cheerio from fellow flyer Liza Zeni xxx

  2. You're so incredibly prolific with every aspect of your work, you're a true inspiration! A real pity we missed the opening, it looks like a beautiful and happy event. Your drawings are super-cute, it would've been great to view the entire collection before they take up residence in their new homes.
    I really MUST come down to next one, please kick me arse if I don't.
    (You have that in writing now, so you have permission).

    Keep being deadly!