Thursday, August 18, 2011

I heart notebooks!!

In 2009 I treated myself to a concertina notebook, and challenged myself to fill it. Each page spilled onto the next so no picture actually finished and none started.

I found at the time that I couldn't work with colour - i wanted to concentrate on line, concept and focus on draftsmanship, so I limited myself to graphite, pen and ink. I completed it and the entire notebook stretched to around 12ft long. I always wanted to do the other side in a coloured story - it may be my next project!

Inside this notebook was one of the first drawings I did of my lady - Inspired by a good friends heartache..... she turned out to be a keeper!! Below is a larger piece based on the drawing.


  1. Hi Siobhan, just found you through flying lessons! Your notebook is so beautiful, your drawings would make very gorgeous cards, or notebook covers! Have a wonderful Friday and Happy Flying! Shae xo

  2. Came over from flying lessons...I love your work!

  3. Just discovered your blog - through flying lessons as well. Beautiful work, I love the colour palette you are using. Love the notebook idea, it's so beautiful.

  4. thanks for such lovely comments!! thanks for stopping by!