Wednesday, August 3, 2011

prospects are good - update!

Never did give an update on our veggie delights - most of the veg is beginning to come in and thanks to some shrewd swapsies with a fisher man, along with the hens still producing, we've been pretty much eating for free the past while. It's been a dream to be self sufficient and a meal you've produced yourself tastes soooo good!

Here's a quick pic of an earlier crop - we've got around 20/30 tomatoes a day now so we've to come up with some creative ways of preserving and storing. Himself made some ketchup last night - mmmmmm :-)

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  1. Hi Sjor,
    Just stopping by from the e-course. Your clean studio looks beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at your unique paintings. Quirky and original. I like them. I love your to do lists. My lists are just plain and boring to look at, compared to yours, I thought maybe that was why I didn't finish them, but I guess not. Looking forward to seeing more.