Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autumn Light

I wanted to share a quick couple of pics I took the other day - the light was the great autumn light I keep going on about, I truly adore it - it just coats everything in soft yellowed goodness. 

I got to hang out with the cat for a bit - it's been a while, she's a bit wild but loves a bit of company and a play. 

I've no idea of the names of any of the flowers in our garden, it's my dream that some day I'll be a competent gardener and not just buy 'shake and rake' seed sets (seriously - that was the name on the pack!) Veggies I understand, flowers I do not. It's on my list, along with seeing the northern lights, sailing the high seas, joining the circus and learning to play piano, violin, guitar and double bass. 

In the meantime I hope to be offering some items for sale this week through my newletter so do sign up (link in column on right!) if you want in on it. I'm offering some great discounts and free shipping on some items! Till next time x


  1. Beautiful Photos. beautiful blog!

  2. I love the photos, especially the one with the kitty by your feet--so sweet:)


    P.S. I left you a FB message--check if you have a chance!