Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Year

It's Spring time again!! 

we're constantly talking about the weather in Ireland so an update for you! The sun is shining here, it's still cold and frosty but so beautiful. Snowdrops are out in force, some daffodils have already bloomed, fields are ploughed ready for sewing, seeds are layed out and planning for the new year has started in earnest.

2012 so far has been good to me. 

I've took a booth at Showcase, Dublin with the Creative Carlow group. This was my first wholesale show and I got great feedback on my products, made wonderful connections and some fab new shops who are going to stock my goods! 

So now it's all about filling out the order book, getting suppliers to ship out stock yesterday, thinking seriously about where I want to go as an artist and a designer, product maker etc. Thinking about the logistics of actually making this work for me. How I want to grow, where I want to be. It's a very exciting time filled with sheer bliss and a healthy dose of fear!

I'm doing my best to embrace true growth and existence in the now, and the future journey it will bring me on.

 This little (well she's quite tall really!) darling is available on my etsy shop - link here x

2012 - bring it on :-) 


  1. Only one month in to 2012 and you have brought it on! Good work.My parents are Dubliners and speak of the weather constantly. Happy to hear its an Irish thing! Julie

    1. definitely an Irish thing Julie! Almost an obsession - but we're never short of conversation because of it ;-) Thanks for stopping in x