Siobhán is an artist and designer based in Carlow, Ireland. Her paintings look at the feelings and emotions that memories from childhood evoke, the part obscured window into our sense of self. Identity, love, nature and dreams are recurring themes. Her work evolves from play; from a world of possibility and freedom. She is drawn to fantasy; curdled imagery and surreal parallel existence found within.
She works from her home studio over looking the Black Stairs Mountains.
Siobhan Loves:
Other peoples notes on poetry and prose, pattern, song lyrics, rhythm, process and ritual, nature, truth, animals, LOVE, laughter, hot air balloons, dots, drawing, painting, the smell of oil paint, freshly baked bread, running down hills (not so much running up hills) playing peek-a-boo with Alice, making prints, great music, great gigs, eating fresh home grown veggies and drawing birds – not necessarily in that order.

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